When thinking of a Mexico, one doesn’t think about minimalism, much less when talking about a Mexico wedding. But still, it has all for a minimalist wedding Mexico: stunning spaces, beautiful florals and fashion forward brides.

This wedding inspiration focuses on the beauty of the simple things. It celebrates uniqueness, gives space for foliage to grow and climb pillars, for architecture to unfold its power and for a bride to shine.

Enjoy this minimalist wedding inspiration!

Minimalist styled bridal accessories including bouquet, shoes and hat
Minimalist wedding dress hanging from a white door
Mexican bride putting on earrings on her wedding day
Minimalist wedding in Mexico in a cultural space
Boho bride with a hat and shoulder less wedding dress smiling
Minimalist wedding Mexico bride walking away
Green foliage for a minimalist floral installation
Mexican bride smiling and looking down
Minimalist bride Mexico walking toward the ceremony location
Boho bride with a hat looking at the camera
Minimalist bride holding a Mexican sombrero
Boho bride with a hat sitting at a simple banquet table
Minimalist wedding inspiration for boho brides in Mexico
Tropical foliage in simple vases as a table decoration for a wedding
Bride holding a bouquet of green foliage in front of a dark wall
Bride leaning unto a wall in an urban wedding location in Mexico, minimalist wedding Mexico

Thank you Melissa Lara, The Wedding Journlist, for publishing this editorial on your blog. Check more of this minimalist wedding in Mexico here.

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